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Pay Per Minute

Our web script links members and performers together and offers the option for members to take performers into a private paid webcam chat and bills the member on a pay per minute basis. Our script then calculates the payout.

Performer Tipping

Our script allows registered members to place funds to their account, they can then use these funds in a private pay per minute webcam chat session or they can simply tip the performer live. All members have the ability to tip any performers at any time.

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Video On Demand

Our script allows Performers to create prerecorded videos using their web cam. Once the performers create and post the video they have created, members are then able to go to the videos section and view the videos for a set pay per view fee.

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Pay Per Minute Video Software


pay per view

Adult Webcam Software - By Camscripts

Camscripts offers the best in Adult Webcam software. Our software currently powers over 4,000 web sites world wide and that number continues to grow rapidly. If you are looking to start up a new adult webcam site you are going to need a great site. Why would you pay thousands of dollars on custom builds when you can simply purchase our Adult Webcam Software and be up and running same day? Contact our sales team today to find out just how easy it really is to get your own site up and running today.We know you have questions and we have the answers, so don't waste anymore time, contact us today for more information, we are available 24/7 to answer your questions.


Camscripts Software Features

1 Fast reliable PHP code

2 Smooth HD video (With adjustable bandwidth, stream as hard as you want)

3 Crystal clear audio feeds

4 Easy to customize design

5 Supports any payment gateway

6 Two way video chat

7 Robust Full featured Flash interface

8 Pre-recorded video section

9 Robust full featured admin panel

11 Free version upgrades for life

12 Real time automated payment system

13 Free lifetime 24/7 technical support

14 No Performer or Member capacity limits


The Adult Industry & Camscripts

Camscripts has been designing Adult Webcam Software since 1998. Camscripts created the first documented software of it's kind back in the late 1990's with the use of Windows Media Encoder and a PHP based text chat. Even though this was not practical and required each Performer to download software it worked and led Camscripts into the future, once Macromedia released Flash Communication Server we started using it in place of the outdated Windows Media Encoder and started designing Adult Webcam Software in Flash and PHP. It didn't take long for newcomers to see our work and start using the same technologies to reproduce our work, these newcomers are still trying to reproduce our Adult Webcam Software but it's just not the same as the real thing. With this knowledge in mind why would you trust anybody else to sell you a great Adult Webcam Software solution?


How The Adult Webcam Industry Works

As you may already be aware, the Adult Webcam industry brings in Billions of dollars each and every year. Basically the way it works is, a web site is created from scratch or with the use of pre built Adult Webcam Software. Once the site is active and Performers are live, members can register and add funds to their account. Once the members have added funds to their account they are able to go into any free adult public video chat session, view the performer and take the performer into a private chat for a per minute fee. It really is that basic and simple. Performers earn money through tipping and pay per minute chat sessions, the web site owners get a percentage of the money earned by each Performer, normally the site owner gets 50% of all funds earned by all performers and in many cases more.


Lets Do Some Basic Math

Unlike other companies, lets ditch the sales tactics and keep this realistic. If you as a site owner are taking 50% of all your performers income and you have 100 performers working each day, each performer earning $200 per day, then your percentage of the earnings comes out to $100 from each performer per day. $100 multiplied by 100 performers comes out to, you got it, $10,000 per day, $70,000 per week, $300,000 per month or $3,650,000 per year, and as you can see we only used 100 performers earning $200 per day for this example. If you want to take it lower then lets go with 10 performers making $50 per day, that comes out to $250 per day, $1,750 per week, $7,500 per month and $91,250 per year. That's almost $100,000 per year from 10 performers making $50 per day. So as you can see, even when using really low numbers we are still showing a great profit. How many models will you be running?


What You Get With Camscripts

When you purchase from us you are family, we offer free basic tech support FOREVER. When we say basic, it's just our way of saying we do not do free custom design work, we offer free tech support for any issues that may come up. Each customer as you may already know has a rep assigned to them who will help and oversee everything from your purchase to the site installation. We have a great support team on hand 24 hours a day. The best part is you will probably never have to contact support for issues. We make it work right the first time so you can run your new business. Get in touch with one of our reps today to get your new PPV Chat Script up, running and making you money.

Adult Web Hosting is required for running a webcam site.

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